Being a Grandparent

We are twice blessed grandparents! Sonny was born April 6th, 2015 and Anthony was born January 4th, 2020! The immense, all consuming love you feel towards your grandchild is something that words can not describe! That tiny bundle, the baby that your baby had...thats a wow moment for sure. A wow moment that never changes. There is a very special relationship between a grandparent and grandchild. They look at us with complete love. They both have touched my soul in a million different ways. I could write for days about my pint sized loves, my tiny blessings! If you are a grandparent, you get it! LOL! I hope for everyone they experience that type of love, the love I give and the love I receive from my beautiful grandsons! This is a club I am so grateful to belong to. Sonny and Anthony make life a lot brighter!

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