How the pandemic has changed me...

Coronavirus has all of us terrified. I see stories about healthy, young people on ventilators fighting for their lives. My husband is the one who grocery shops for us, strips down in the garage when he comes home, then takes his laundry down to the washing machine. He retrieves the mail or packages with with disinfecting wipes. Bottom line is we are taking every precaution we can. Staying home. Dror is working from home which I am so grateful for. (Update: Dror has also been laid off) So many people have been laid off, such an uncertain time. 

It's how we handle the fear, what we do next, how we move forward. How we help each other along the way. 

On to the positives and the changes in me. I realize now that I have taken some things for granted without even knowing!

1. Running into the grocery store. I have compromised immune system so I definitely can't go now.

2. Going to the movies. Date nights with Dror are usually a movie! The whole ceremony, getting snacks and drinks, choosing the right seats, and walking to the car discussing what we saw when it's over! lol!

3. Going to Mary Lou's for a milky way coffee, made how I like it! They are always so nice there! My kinda people!

4. Going out for dinner. Being able to sit down at a restaurant, enjoy my meal and the people I am with. Thats the most important part truthfully.  

5. Not having to disinfect the debit card every time I use it. I guess its a good practice honestly, I never thought of it before. I have a feeling I will be incorporating that into every day life.  

Some things I never took for granted and always treasured will be acknowledged even more.

1. Spending time with my Sonny and my Anthony. I adore my grandsons. Being around them makes my heart dance. (I could write about them forever)  My heart aches without them. 

2. Spending time with my family. I miss them all terribly! Seeing them walk through the door. Sounds silly but I miss it. The laughs and smiles! I miss the hugs, joy and  warmth of being together. I think we may have to revisit our game nights!

3. Hearing the keys in the front door and knowing its one of my kids stopping in to see us. (all 4 are mine, two by birth, two by love) I always smile when I hear the jiggling of the keys. 

4. Visiting a friend. Going for coffee or sitting on the deck and chatting.

5. Fire pits. Everything about sitting around the fire! Toasting marshmallows! The hunt for the right stick, whittling it down, adding the marshmallow to the end and yes, even watching it slide off into the fire after it catches into flames! lol! 

6. The comfort of normalcy.  

7. The Beach. The dance of packing all the comforts of home, finding the right parking space, the walk to the perfect spot on the sand, setting up the chairs and coolers, putting on the lotion and settling in for a blissful day. The smell of the ocean. The gentle breezes. Honestly, even on the most oppressive days you can always find relief at the beach. Hearing the sounds of the children. Putting your feet in the water for the first time and jumping back because the water is cold! lol. Second dip you realize it's not bad at all, quite refreshing actually. Before you know it your all in! Totally committed! Feeling the push of the waves. Sitting on my chair just being. Absorbing everything! Playing in the sand with my grandchildren. (I am sure Sonny will have a lot to show Anthony this year!) Watching the sunset. Having a choice to go out for dinner at the end of the day if we want to. 

I have a whole new appreciation for Farmers Markets, Book Stores, Artisan events,  Guarino's, Whole Foods, Market Basket, Michaels, Sabatino's, the North End, church, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Showcase Cinema, Christmas Tree Shop, Narragansett Beach, Jakes, and 4 Town Farm to name just a few. Firemen, police officers, nurses, doctors, all hospital staff, janitors, trash men, fast food workers, mail carriers, scientists, waiters and waitresses THANK YOU! You're rock stars! Each and every one of you! 

My family will be supporting small businesses even more going forward. I think we all should do what we can, within our means.  Buying from local farmers, either directly, at farmers markets or an artisan event! Buy from small makers. Soaps, jewelry, food, home decor, shirts, the list is endless! Handmade! One meal a week either for take out or dine in at a restaurant. Try a new place or visit an old favorite. Food trucks are a fun option too! We can all be heroes! 


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