Lemonade Pillow - Sonny Side Up

Lemonade Pillow

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Summertime! I can feel the warm breeze while I sip on a glass of refreshing lemonade! 

🌸 Measures approximately 16x16”
🌸 Polyester Linen Material
🌸 Sublimation ink design is on one side only, not vinyl
🌸 Hidden zipper on bottom of cover
🌸 Machine wash cold 

All items are designed, printed, pressed, and shipped by me from my studio in Massachusetts!

🌸 Soft & Supportive
🌸 Medium Firmness
🌸 More resistant to lumping
🌸 100% pure polyester fiberfill filling
🌸 Indoor use only

Our products are handmade so please allow for slight variations. All items are made to order.