It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


One of the daily items on my "to do" lists is to post to IG. I was doing fairly well being on task. Having fun, feeling accomplished! Then I received some direction from a professional that I am so appreciative of! Made so much sense, truly sound advice! Then it happened...I completely stopped posting. I struggled a bit with the new way of doing things so I stopped! Ugh! One day led to two, then a week, now two weeks. Not good! With each day that passed I felt as if I was letting myself down, embarrassed. Why do I do that to myself! I am determined to get back on track! I got this! 

Has anyone else experienced this? First we slip, feel ashamed, then struggle to get back on track. Its that way with everything. working out, dieting, writing, homework, anything and everything. The important thing is to dust yourself off and get back at it! No shame at all in falling down! I may fall 100 times but I will get up 101! Thats what counts. We are human! We all need to be gentle with ourselves! Be supportive of ourselves like we are with others. Self love!


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