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My name is Annette, pleasure to meet you! I am the creative side of Sonny Side Up and I work along side my husband Dror. We are a family of makers and artisans! In this tribe there's always artistic outlets and conversations. Its so fun! We have bakers, planners, makers, thinkers, stitchers, painters, decorators and the list goes on and on. When we all come together for a project it's like magic. Each person bringing their unique perspective and skills. 

Sonny Side Up is named after my first grandson, Sonny. The day I saw him, held him in my arms, my whole life changed. He is my saint angel! A love like no other! Sonny, the light in our lives, who I love more than life itself! He inspires me, in every way truthfully. Sonny was always a great eater. A 1 year old who eats eggs with parmesan cheese and brussel sprouts...seriously, lol! So when Dror and I were brainstorming he came up with Sonny Side Up, homage of Sonny's love for eggs with a cute twist. My very first logo had an egg for an O in the name Sonny. If you see me out I still use the original design for my table covering at pop ups and events!

I hope you enjoy my creations, all inspired by my family and friends! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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